Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Lovin' and Father's Day 2015

Life is so good right now. We're in a slow summer routine that's filled with spontaneous trips to the pool, strolls after supper and later bedtimes because those things are just fun and that's what summer is all about. I don't know if I've ever enjoyed a summer as much as this one.
Speaking of enjoying life, he has been smiling and laughing for a while now. I hope he's always this happy and care-free. 

Sunday was Father's Day. My love for this man grew tenfold when he added daddy to his titles. I have two blessed babies growing up under his roof. We love you, Daddy!

Yes, brother and sister are wearing matching seersucker outfits. You knew matching sibling sets were coming!! :)

My aunt snapped this picture on Sunday. If we didn't need further proof of what a wonderful Daddy he is.

Yesterday we woke up to sunshine and no plans so a morning at the pool is what it became! We've got a brave girl on our hands wanting to do big things and not wear her puddle jumper. I just love this picture!

Like mother, like daughter-both easily distracted. And I hesitated to post this picture because of my post baby marks but I'm proud of what those marks of love gave me. I'll never be ashamed of something that tells such a beautiful story of motherhood. 

Tomorrow is Jack's two month checkup and the rest of the week we will be finishing up some projects for Jack's sip and see Saturday. Marcus told my Mamaw he thought the sip and see was really a ploy to get some of our house projects finished and she said in that case they were going to have one too HA! I'm super excited for this. It's just a great opportunity for our friends and family to see our new house and new baby at the same time. And I must admit putting a deadline on some to-do list items makes me happy too :)

Jack's two month checkup is today so please say a little prayer for me as immunizations will be given. I'm anxious to hear how much he has grown and to check his feet. 

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