Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Thank Yous & Nursery Progress

We have had a very busy week around here-work, appointments, revival every night, practice, night class (Marcus) and there's probably more that I can't think of. By the time I get home each night, I am exhausted and don't want to leave the couch. If you know me, I can't just sit idle so I've got a lot of work done on all my thank you cards!

I love the way they turned out! These were total DIY. And I didn't intend on coordinating the fabric on the diaper pin with the envelope but I saw packs of pastel color envelopes and thought why not?!

I am no where near close to finish but I have a good start!

And I had to post the newest addition to Georgia's wardrobe! The onesie is too much-could that not be a more true statement? Ha! I'm just kidding but we do bleed blue through and through in these parts. My Mamaw Porter found all this here. Now she can watch all the UK games in style!

We have made some big purchases this week for the nursery. We ordered an off-white shag rug that I think I am going to love! It should arrive next week sometime. I hope it is as piled and plush as the picture shows. I want to be comfortable when we are playing with her toys and baby dolls. I can see a certain brown dog taking a liking to this piece as well...

And we ordered her bassinet! This is a gift from her great uncle Pat and aunt Kim. I was so conflicted on what type of bassinet/playard/bouncer to get her for sleeping--to be honest I was very overwhelmed by it. I did my research and we decided to go with a bassinet/playard combo. It is a mini so it won't take up a lot of space. It's portable so we can move it from room to room! As I have learned from other moms, every child is different and their sleeping preferences vary. She may absolutely hate this but that's ok--we will try something else if we need to :). It's all trial and error with the first one, right? I keep telling myself that.

Tonight is my sister-in-law's bridal shower that I am helping host! I am making a chicken alfredo dish that I hope will be delicious-I am no Betty Crocker but I try :). Saturday looks to be a completely free day for Marcus and me both--and it will be our last free Saturday until the end of October! The husband is already dreading the "honey to-do list" I am working on ha! TGIF everyone!


  1. What rug did you end up ordering? I'm looking for one similar to that for my daughters room.

  2. It was from, hope this helps!