Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting Ready For Baby & Fall

Saturday was just the day that I needed. Marcus and I were both home and the weather was dismal so it was a perfect time to get some stuff done to the house and nursery that we had been procrastinating. My mom also came over and was a big help! I think I needed another mom to just tell me, "You should put this here", or "She won't need this for a while so put it in storage".

Our kitchen is not huge so we have have to be strategic with where we put things. I spent a lot of my time reorganizing the kitchen and finding new places to put things. We cleaned out the top shelf of our antique green cabinet and it is now the "baby feeding shelf".
Everything was cleaned and sanitized. It felt good to get that project out of the way and to get my kitchen put back together after it was done!

The bedding is ready to go and (I think) all of her clothes are washed (thanks to mom and mamaw!). I made her "first aid" bin and organized all of her bath things. This girl is already high maintenance and she's not even here yet :).

The rug for the nursery came in Saturday! And just as I suspected Owen has a new favorite spot. He instantly took right up with it and is spending most of his time on it. We have quit looking for him when we can't find him because we know where he is ha!

To kick off the fall season, I got up and put a roast in the crockpot this morning. It was nice coming home to that aroma in the house! The temperatures have finally started to drop and the Halloween decorations are on the shelf (yippee!). Marcus got the fall decorations down from the attic for me tonight so I will be getting the house ready for fall this week! I cannot believe it is the middle of September. We are getting so close. I am going to try and enjoy each and every day I have left of my pregnancy and the season!

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