Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Odds and Ends

With a new addition to our family this Christmas we have modified and enhanced our Christmas decor.

Everyone got new stockings this year! I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I read "Mom" on my stocking. I love it! We decided on a LL Bean needlepoint stocking for Georgia. I wanted a stocking that we could match to other stockings if/when we have more children. And yes Owen has a stocking too and Santa visits him just like he visits all of us :)

My sweet friend Charlotte sent this ornament for Georgia Grace! It is so cute! I am so thankful for friends that love our daughter so much.

And the Givens family gave us this Hallmark Baby's 1st Christmas ornament! I love it so much.

One of my favorite things about this time of the year is checking the mailbox everyday for Christmas cards! We have started a fine collection so far. There's still something special about good 'ol snail mail!

Georgia and I have developed enough of a schedule now that I can work on things while she is napping so I started back sewing/embroidering. I made some embroidered hooded towels for some of our baby cousins. I hope they enjoy them!

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