Saturday, December 8, 2012

Under The Weather and Six Generations

Unfortunately I've been sick the past few days. My ultimate goal of course was to not give it to Georgia. Since I am breastfeeding I knew I was limited on what I could take so I've stuck to a little Tylenol, salt water gargles and hot lemonade with honey. I am feeling better today so I am hoping I knocked it. She seems normal and I pray that continues! Being sick and being a mommy is no fun. Thankfully I've got a wonderful husband and family that picks up the slack when I'm down and out.
The other night when we were visiting grandmomma and granddad they decided to get out an old cradle that is a family heirloom and let Georgia lay in it. This cradle was made by Georgia's great-great-great-great grandfather making her the 6th generation to use it.
I know it meant a lot to granddad for her to be able to use it.
It was made so that there is an opening on one end so the heat of the fireplace could keep the baby warm. There is a picture of Marcus in the cradle and we are trying to locate it.

Tonight is the Harrison Christmas get-together! We are looking forward to starting our many family celebrations!

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