Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our First Month

Bath Time
She has actually started enjoying bath time in the past few days. In the beginning we all dreaded bath time ha! Yesterday when I gave her a bath she put her legs over the side of the infant sling and just kicked back-so funny!
She is sleeping at night in her pack n' play bassinet beside our bed. She is sleeping so well! I don't think it will be too long before she's sleeping through the night, we are so close!

And she likes to nap in her papoose or on one of us :), especially her daddy.

Tummy Time
She enjoys tummy time. She falls asleep sometimes but she is still getting the benefits.

We haven't made too many trips yet but the ones that we have she has done really well. If she's not already out the car ride usually lulls her to sleep.
And she really enjoys her changing table! She will lay and just kick and play for a long time. Makes changing diapers a lot easier.
It has been such a fun first month. I'm looking forward to December, the holidays, and watching her grow!


  1. Love all the pictures and keeping up with her

  2. Yay Mamaw! Glad you set up an account so you can comment! I love having this blog for family and friends to view.