Thursday, December 6, 2012

Newborn Portraits

When Georgia was 10 days old, we took her to Mrs. Julia to have her newborn pictures taken. They are all finished and we love them so much!

Our little dollbaby! So many people have told us she doesn't look like a newborn and I kind of agree. She has been so alert and mature since day one.
The bigger the bow the better the mom, right? :)
I see my sister Paige in this one so much. Georgia always has her hands up around her face like that!
This is probably my favorite. Our little princess! Jules added her stats to it for me and I just love it.
This one is so sweet. She looks like such a big girl!
Baby's first Christmas. The best present I've ever received!
Rolls for days! :)

We used some of her newborn portraits for our Christmas card/birth announcement this year. They came in this week so I am in the process of getting them addressed and to the post office. I will post it once I have them mailed. We decided to combine our Christmas card and her birth announcement since we would be sending them both at about the exact same time. I just LOVE them.
Thank you Jules for another amazing job!

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