Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's All About A Baby

Today is a great day because it's the start of a two week span of daddy being home with us! I really appreciate his profession this time of year. We know he will be home for the holidays and yesterday he came home with a car load of presents from his students and teacher friends! I am so thankful for his job, colleagues, students and school!

As we reflect on the season, it's so easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour. But when we keep it in simpler terms, it's all about a baby. I think about Mary and the conditions she faced being 9 months pregnant. Just 7 weeks ago I was like Mary giving birth to a child yet I had a nice warm hospital filled with medical professionals to take care of me and loved ones providing love and encouragement. Mary had none of that and she gave birth to the King of Kings! I am so thankful for Mary's story. I am thankful God chose her, just a child herself, to be Jesus' earthly mother and to give us the greatest story ever told! Her life defines one of faith, obedience, and courage.

I want to be more like Mary. I want to be a mother whose faith is unmeasurable, who is obedient in all circumstances and who has courage that overshadows my fears. My prayer for 2013 is that I will continue growing in my faith and answer to the call to further the kingdom in whatever capacity God sees fit. That may mean I have to step out of my comfort zone but I want to be willing to do that. God was uncomfortable for me as he hung on the cross and bore my sins. My discomfort seems pretty minuscule when I compare it to His.

Being the mommy to this little angel is the only Christmas gift I need! It's all about a baby...

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