Monday, March 24, 2014

Celebrate Good Times

That's right. We had a wonderful weekend full of celebrations of all kinds. Family, sports, babies-it was 48 hours filled with excitement.

  On Saturday morning we went to visit some of our extended family. We visited Great Aunt Georgia "Nell", Great Aunt Gladean, and Great Uncle Bubby and Aunt Joyce. It is always a blessing getting to visit with them. Our next stop was to Meme's but nap time interferred so we will have to reschedule that one for next weekend.

 One of the highlights of the trip was the stair chair lift at Uncle Bubby and Aunt Joyce's house. Of course Georgia Grace had to ride and I had never rode one myself so I was equally excited. It doesn't take much to entertain us!

And then she insisted on riding again with Aunt Joyce :) Such a sweet picture I will always cherish.

Before we left my Aunt Joyce had two quilts and a baby pillow that she wanted to give me. These were baby items they used for their only son Timmy. They lost Timmy when he was a teenager in a car accident. She told me she knew she would never have grandchildren to give it to so she wanted me to have them.

She will never know how much these pieces mean to me. I am honored that she entrusted me to have them and that my babies will get to use pieces that represent the Porter family. The blue one was made my by Great Aunt Loyce and the patchwork quilt was made by my Great Grandmother Porter. As you can see they are "used" but I think that only adds to their worth.

Georgia Grace's crib has never looked so beautiful :) I am so thankful for all our heirlooms.
Sunday was Georgia Grace's Baby Day at church. This is an event they have every three years to celebrate and honor all the little ones. I was so proud of my baby for walking down the aisle like a big girl. Once we were standing at the front of the church she spotted and hollered "Papaw". She is super observant! 

Several of our family members came to our church for the special occasion. GGH traveled from our pew to her Ma and Pa's seats several times throughout the course of the service!

Gammy, Gran Stan and Mamaw Carolyn also came to ABC. She was so excited when she saw them walk in the door.

Sunday afternoon I helped host a baby shower for one of my best friend's Rachel. It was such a fun shower to plan and be a part of! We gifted Roman his Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair but unfortunately it is backordered until April 22nd. I'm just hoping it arrives before he makes his arrival! I love these people so much and can't wait to experience parenthood with them.

This little girl had a big time playing with all the boys at the party. She is surrounded by boys and doesn't care one bit. Ace couldn't wait to show her his baseball and Abbott was a little ham. We are blessed with sweet baby friends!

UK took down top-seeded Wichita State in a thriller in St. Louis on Sunday, 78-76. (Chet White, UK Athletics)
And the most thrilling, stroke inducing part of the weekend was watching UK beat the overall #1 seed and undefeated Wichita State to advance to the Sweet 16!!! After a regular season of underperforming, it looks like we might be peaking at the right time. My brother lives in Wichita and wore a Kentucky shirt to the gym just to be ornery ha! I'm glad he didn't have to eat crow.

Friday night it's another battle of the bluegrass as we play Louisville for a ticket to the elite eight. I hope my nerves can handle it!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I got choked up reading about the baby blankets, wow! So touching!
    And btw, I so would have been excited to ride the stair lift too! Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Carol, I was very emotional when she gave them to me. It was as fun as it looked :) You do the same!