Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY Bathroom Reveal

My #TBT did not happen yesterday, for some reason I thought I was wonder woman this week and could work, start a MBA program, help plan a baby shower, get moved back into our house and blog regularly.

I am not wonder woman :) I sacrificed blog time which is fine with me because everything else had to come first. I've had a very productive week and can't help to get excited about what could be on the horizon.

In other exciting news this beautiful bouquet was delivered to my office Wednesday from my Mom, Mamaw, Paige & Georgia Grace for National Dietitian Day! It was just the pick me up I needed. So so thoughtful!

Now on to the bathroom.

Our bathroom remodel is complete and I'm so happy to share the finished product. It is so bright and clean and sparkly, it has definitely jumped in ranking for my favorite room in the house. This was a DIY project that our friend Chris, Papaw, and Granddad helped us with. They led and we followed :) Actually I just picked out the flooring and shower curtain and cleaned up messes but someone had to do it.

We did a complete renovation with only the toilet and sink/vanity staying from the old bathroom. Go big or go home!

Since everyone loves a good before picture here was our bathroom when we first bought our house in 2009. I forgot to take a before picture prior to renovation but not much has changed except the shower curtain.

And here's the new bathroom!
We painted the walls white, replaced the shower and tub and replaced the floors. The tile work that was in our bathroom was not laid well and had to go. We settled for an insert this time and I'm completely happy with that decision. You'll also notice we covered the window that was once in the shower. Best decision ever.
I took these before we had really moved back in so none of our things (baskets, towel racks) are in place. It looks much more lived in now :) The pedestal sink is a great space saver for our bathroom while still providing under the sink storage. Our medicine cabinet also gives us an extra spot to store things without taking up valuable real estate.
The shower curtain is from good ol' Tar-jay. My sister received one as a wedding gift and I fell in love with it when I saw it in their bathroom. It's even more amazing in person. I love it! We put white wainscotting around the whole shower area. I love the added texture to the room.
And our new tub! As I mentioned our previous tub cracked a few months ago so you can imagine how fun that has been to deal with when you have an one year old. Chris couldn't say enough good things about how well built the new tub is. I also love the built-in shelves which are great for our bottled products.

There are a few more pictures I took that somehow didn't make it off my good camera, I'll try to upload those over the weekend (If I can get our wireless internet back, just found out last night the storm knocked it out too. Geez.)

This was a nice little treat to come home to and Georgia Grace has already taken several baths since that is her new favorite thing along with brushing her teeth. She has turned into little miss hygiene this week :)

Happy weekend!


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    1. Thank you! We are really enjoying it! Hope it will help get our house sold when we're ready to put it on the market.

  2. Love it! We had a window in our shower (who wants a window in their shower) too!We remodeled and ending up moving the tub around to keep the window for some natural light. But I'm with you, taking a window out of the shower is absolutely the best decision ever!

    1. I hear you-just crazy! I do miss the natural light but it wasn't worth the trapped water and impossible cleaning. It's give and take :)

  3. It is difficult to bring proper lighting in the bathroom with the help of windows. We just have a window more like ventilation, but we hardly used to open it. Instead of using windows, we use bright shower curtains and lighting devices and various other bathroom accessories to bring the illusion of natural light.

    1. You are so right. Thanks for this link, checking it out now!

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    1. Thanks Jennifer! I have been swooning over your craft room inspiration since you posted it. It is perfection!

  5. The change from before and after is simply amazing, Kaitlin. Improving one's interior can most of the time be overlooked, but I'm glad that you made everything possible in terms of rejuvenating your bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

    David Larkin

  6. Good thing you decided to cover that window. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it made you feel. In any case, I love the new bathroom, Kaitlin! It was a huge improvement from the previous one. Good job on that renovation! Thanks for giving us a tour! Kudos and all the best to you! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express