Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Purpose & Perspective

  • We've got some big news at the Harrison House. I have been accepted into a MBA program and I began classes this week! It has all happened rather quickly which is what I wanted because I intend to bear down and get it completed as quickly as possible. In order to pursue my long-term career goals a Master's degree is crucial and there is no better time than the present. All of my classes are online and I hope to be finished by next Spring (I was able to transfer graduate credit hours from Utah State). I have moments I think I am half crazy but then there are moments of clarity that help me realize this is what I am suppose to be doing right now. Lots of prayers and petition went into this decision and I'm confident I made the right one. Now it only there were more hours in the day...:)

    • Speaking of hours and days, we are all out of sorts following springing forward this weekend. This is our third time change since we brought Georgia Grace into the world and it hasn't gotten any easier yet. I'm hoping by the weekend our night routine will be more recognizable. Until then, please ignore my appearance.
    • The second coat of paint went on the bathroom walls yesterday and we are set to move back in tonight. I will post pictures once the paint dries and we get everything in place. I'm proud of the finished product and we are going to enjoy our new space as long as time allows.

    • We have reached the climbing stage and we have a little dare devil on our hands. Poor Grandmomma has had to rearrange her whole bedroom in order to keep GGH from climbing onto her settee to use it as a stepping stool to get on her dresser to play in her jewelry box. Yes she has done that!! Everything looks like a jungle gym to her. We are in desperate need of warm weather so this little monkey can take her action outdoors!

    • I am helping host two showers this month. One is for a family friend and the other is for Rachel! Roman will be here next month!! I think she has had the fastest pregnancy ever. I love love love Spring showers to celebrate new life in marriage and babies.
    • I don't talk much about my work on here because of a little something called HIPAA but I just had to document how great of a week I have had. I was awarded a grant for a childhood obesity prevention program that myself and our therapy department developed where we work with children greater than the 95th percentile BMI-for-age. This week our kids are trying new fruits and vegetables, reducing their BMI, participating in the "three bite club" and basically changing their lifestyles. It's been a great opportunity for me to reflect on how I have purpose in my workplace and that I'm making a difference. This is why I do what I do!
    That's all the diarrhea from the mouth for now. Tomorrow is another #TBT and Friday is hopefully a new bathroom reveal! It's so white and shiny and clean. Now I'm wanting everything to be white...

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