Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend: Blogged

Monday already? Say it isn't so.

This weekend went by extra fast since we were so busy getting our house ready to move back into. The vacation to Grandmomma's is almost over ha!

You've probably realized this since I am a blogger but I thought I would mention. I am an open book. I hesitated on putting our bathroom reno stuff on here but I realized this is information we would tell potential buyers anyway so why not document the journey? Our home is the cutest most perfect little bungalow but the bathroom needed some work. We lived with it but decided when it came close to time to put the For Sale sign in the yard that we should fix what needed to be fixed. Now the bathroom will be perfect too! We may never want to leave now ;)

Thursday was my day off like usual but I volunteered and worked at a charity consignment sale called Lil Angel's Attic. This is my 2nd year volunteering and shopping their sale and it never disappoints! Mom and Stan kept Georgia Grace for me and we all met at CFA for lunch. She had to show us her "shake dance" which she inherited from her Aunt Paigey. She is the life of our party!

They took her to the mall for her first carousel ride while I shopped the sale. It was also her first trip to Greenwood Mall. We were laughing because when my sister and I were little girls mom would take us almost every weekend. Times sure have changed!

Georgia Grace came home with some new clothes and....a baby grand piano!! I have been wanting to get her a piano for a while now but couldn't bring myself to pay retail for it. When i saw a pink one at a steal price at the sale I knew I had to take it home. She absolutely loves it! I would love for her to learn to play the piano and become a pianist. I'm hoping early exposure will do the trick.

Saturday was work day. The floor was finished, tub installed, wainscotting nailed down and all the other stuff that goes along with renovating a bathroom. It was production at its finest. Georgia Grace had to come down to check the progress and deliver a pizza to Chris, Papaw, and Daddy. She can't wait to take baths in her new tub!

Daddy started the painting Sunday afternoon. Everything is going to be white and I'm so excited about it. The room already feels bigger and cleaner. 

We hope to be back to home sweet home by the middle of the week. I don't know if we will miss our grandparents or if they will miss us the most :)


  1. That piano is adorable! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom, I am a sucker for before/afters!

    1. It's so precious!! She insists we clap after every time she plays a tune :) I hope to have those blogged by Friday! So am I!!