Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Warrior

This weekend was dedicated to remodeling our bathroom and getting our house back up and running following the havoc from the lightning that struck our house. This winter has been a dozy. As I'm typing this we are covered in about an inch of ice with a projected 7-10 inches of snow falling on top of that! Snow, ice, rain, lightning-we have battled it all.

Our favorite handyman Chris is the brains behind the whole bathroom redo. Papaw, Marcus and Granddad also chipped in to help so they were able to get a lot done this weekend. As you can tell it's a complete demo so the work is not done yet but hopefully we will be moving back in next weekend. Marcus joked that our rent is about due at the grandparents ha!

A whole new bathroom means a new tub. I had to try it on for size (in our living room) before we installed it. It gets my approval. Anything is better than a cracked tub!

Sunday can be summed up in this picture. It was a crazy day with this girl from start to finish. A chocolate donut mess, spilling vinegar, playing in a cat food bowl, and climbing on top of a dresser were the highlights. I think our crazy weather caused some of her extra spunkiness. 

But despite the manic morning we somehow managed to get ourselves cleaned up (twice) and put together to make it to church on time. It would have been an easy Sunday to give in and let the devil claim victory but we didn't and I was proud of us for that. Aunt Shanna came with us since Jake is out of town on storm duty so it was an extra treat having her on the pew with us. Doesn't this girl just have mischief written all over her? :)

And here's what we have to look forward to this week. We are in the darkest purple section. School has already been canceled for Marcus and I don't foresee my car making it out of the driveway tomorrow. I'm hoping it doesn't get as bad as they are projecting. 2009 is still very fresh and no one wants to relive it.

Be safe local friends and anyone effected by this storm.
17 days until Spring!

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