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#TBT Chicago 2008

For Spring Break 2008, I took a trip to Chicago with my stepmom Dianne and step sister Becky. Dianne was going to the "Windy City" for the American Dental Association national meeting and we just tagged along because she had frequent flyer miles she needed to spend. I am much obliged to her for that and thankful for taking me on this trip!

Our trip started off rocky as we left Kentucky when a major snow storm was sweeping through the region. We barely made it to Louisville for our flight and actually had to go up a day early because we knew the roads would be too bad the next day.

We made it!

A snowy spring break

This was 6 years ago and I remember thinking I was so cool with my ear buds :) They were the newest and greatest thing.

The view from the plane window never gets old for me

I do believe this was my very first taxi drive. Small town girl meets the big city! 

We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago. Hands down the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. I don't think I will ever forget the softness of the robes and comfort of the down comforter. It was heavenly.

Here's a fun fact. Our hotel address was 160. Oprah's penthouse was in 180!! She seriously lived in the same building we stayed in except she was on the residential side. Also, I'm 99% sure I worked out with Stedman one morning. Why couldn't I be brave and ask for a picture?!? I'm still disappointed in myself.

The lobby of the Ritz. You got it-ritzy!

Our views from our room on the 27th floor

The park that was directly across the street from us where Oprah walks her dog!

Soldier Field
It was right on the lake and super windy. I bet watching games there is painfully cold.

We went to the top of the John Hancock Center to experience an aerial view of the city. You can see four states and most of Lake Michigan. It was magnificent!

Our hotel was just a few buildings from North Avenue Beach (shore of Lake Michigan) so we took a couple trips to see the water. And also Chicago earned it's name the Windy City for a reason ha! Forget ever having good hair days in this place.

Some of the lake was still frozen from the winter

The famous Drake Hotel

We did a lot of shopping while we were in Chicago because that's what you do. If it is made it can be bought in Chicago. I should also note this was the height of the Ugg boot era. How funny is it that I'm already looking back on this shaking my head ha!

Michigan Avenue, one of the most famous streets for shopping in the world. We saw a woman get her purse stolen from her right before our eyes but another patron caught him before he was too far up the street. This trip was an experience!

Eating at the Grand Lux Cafe

The Field Museum

We got to see Sue, the most intact and best preserved T-Rex

Navy Pier

Crazy mirrors at NP

Beautiful Lake Michigan

On the last night we were there we attended the ADA Reception. We felt pretty important getting to do this. 

It was so nice and classy, we had a wonderful time meeting some of her colleagues.

And it appears that we must have went for pizza later that night because we are wearing the same clothes ha! This was at Giordino's and that's the pizza pager.

Museum of Contemporary Art on the last day of the trip before we boarded the plane for Kentucky.

It was an unique and fun spring break that I will never forget. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to go experience the city and to experience all the luxuries. It is such a huge city we just didn't have time for everything but that's just an excuse to go back and take my husband this time :)

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