Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Is In The Air

This has been a whirlwind week around here. I don't slow down from the time I wake up until the time I lay down at night. It's good things (well, mostly) that are keeping me busy but nevertheless I am sooo glad it's the weekend!

This week was extra special because we received such a thoughtful gift on our doorstep. One of Marcus's students (and a sister to one of my BCXC girls) gave Georgia Grace her old golf clubs that she had outgrown. She knew she could get plenty of use out of them at Gammy's house. Thanks so much Loryn!

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and I had a daughter wanting to "go go" so a picnic in the yard is what we did. This little girl is growing up so quickly it's hard to not wish for a pause button.

When I ask her if she needs a new diaper, if she does she will shake her head yes and walk me to her changing table. Yesterday after school had dismissed I said "Let's go watch for Daddy" and she walked to the door without me leading her. And she has a new fetish with bell-bushins (belly buttons) and wants to see ours all the time. She is so much fun! 

We played hide and seek and this was her reaction when I found her. Priceless! I love my sweet baby's enthusiasm about life.

I am so ready for the grass to be green and blooms on the tree. We are ready to be outside in the fresh air. 

And this is how I spent my Friday-working the incredible colon!
Happy Weekend :)

I plan to spend lots of time watching March Madness and getting ready for Roman's baby shower. I can't wait for either!

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