Monday, March 31, 2014

Blue Love

Was this weekend even real life?!?

If you don't know what I'm talking about then crawl out from under your rock because we are in the Final Four!!!

I still don't think it has set in that this team is two games away from a national championship. They play Wisconsin Saturday night and if we are victorious we will play Monday (winner of Florida & UConn) on my birthday!

The celebrations started early as Georgia Grace and some of her AKK buddies wore their UK blue to school on Friday. I'm glad she is surrounded by kiddos with such smart mommies and daddies ha!

We beat Louisville Friday night in an unbelievable game to advance to the Elite 8. You won't hear any Louisville bashing from me. I'm just happy to be part of BBN and the SEC-the best conference in the nation!

Saturday was a rainy, yucky day that was only good for a slow start with morning cuddles in our bed. This has become a weekend tradition for us and I look forward to it so much. I hope that the little things are etched in her memory just as much as the big things.

And I think it should be noted that she is totally still celebrating with her three goggles ha!

The slow morning gave way to a slow afternoon and a slow night. Georgia Grace spent some time with her grandparents for a little while on Saturday and I took some time for myself and started reading The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I took the love language assessment pre-Mrs. status so I doubt it is accurate and will take it again once I am finished reading. I learned so much just from reading the first 50 pages. I know I say this all the time but the best gift we can give our children is a strong marriage full of grace and love and that is Christ-centered. I want to do anything I can to harvest that.

Sunday was a normal Sunday for us. We went to church and volunteered in the nursery and then we went to mamaw's for lunch.

I mentioned Friday that we are learning our animals and sounds so I couldn't wait to show Georgia Grace an actual cow on my grandparent's farm. She mooed at them and wasn't a bit scared.

We had a busy, excited girl this weekend so pictures didn't happen often but when they did she was on the move mostly. I had to document her UK attire (her UK squeakers came from Cracker Barrel). We went to James & Ashley's Sunday to watch the game. We are a rowdy crew and GGH got spooked a few times when a big roar would erupt so we went outside and played in their front yard a while. I went back in just in time to see the big Aaron Harrison "3" to seal the victory!

Final Four bound and headed to the big D!

And a BIG birthday shoutout to our fur baby who turns 5 today! I have no idea where the past five years with him has gone. I remember the day they brought him home. We drove to the dollar store for puppy food and he sat on Marcus' shoulder ha! He had huge paws as a pup so we knew he would be a big boy. Life has been 148204 times more fun with him along for the ride. Messier? Yes. Sometimes more stressful? Yes, but we take it all in stride and wouldn't trade it.

When you turn five you get a BGE grilled steak!

Happy Birthday sweet Owen! Or "O-wa" as your sister calls you. You have officially made me a dog person. We love you so much big boy!