Friday, April 4, 2014

Out & About

Spring has sprung and we feel like we have been let out of a cage. What a long, brutal winter we just had. I have already promised you will not hear any complaints from me on the heat come the middle of July. And I'm sure my loved ones will hold me to it. We haven't been settling down inside the house until dusk and my nights seem longer and more full already. Extra sunshine is good for the soul.

Georgia Grace is also a big fan of the sunshine (and not a big fan of coming in from the sunshine). Grandmomma texted me Monday to tell me she needed some tennis shoes. Of course she does. Why haven't I bought her a pair to play outside in? She has been wearing a pair of hand me downs from a boy cousin until I could find her a pair. It's probably a good thing she's not old enough to care they are for boys, she's just worried about playing her little heart out :)

Uncle Jake and GGH burned off some energy before dinner on Monday night. I know the former football player in Jake was proud of her ball choice.

She had her first official boo-boo Tuesday afternoon at Gammy's house while we were there for supper. She was running to meet Daddy on the pooldeck and fell and skinned her knee. Thankfully Gammy was able to make it all better with some kisses and a bandaid. She cried for just a bit and then she was over it. I think she is going to be a tough girl.

It was a legit boo-boo no doubt about it. Might as well get it out of the way right off the get-go.
Since this week is Marcus's Spring Break I made plans for us to go to a furniture tent sale in Nashville on Thursday. This was our first time shopping for furniture since we bought a few pieces (we used a lot of hand me downs) for our current house 5 years ago. It was a lot of fun and we had some success! They are holding it for us until we need it which is so nice and then they will deliver it to us in Kentucky. Love that!

And then we went to maybe my favorite store ever-Cost Plus World Market. Oh good gracious they have everything for decorating your home. Marcus escaped with just a small bill but you better believe I will be back in the future and the bill won't be near as small :)

Tomorrow we are celebrating my birthday a few days early with a trip to Keeneland for some horse racing! I am so excited!! Except for the weather forecast, that has me everything but excited. I'm so pumped though I don't think even coldness could dampen my day! I have the sweetest husband for planning this birthday trip for me!

Have a great weekend! And go Cats!!!


  1. Love the pictures of Georgia Grace playing outside! So cute! Sad picture of her boo-boo though! Bless her heart!
    We are headed up to KY on Sunday for spring break. Disappointed in the weather forecast but excited to see family! Enjoy your birthday celebration!

    1. Thanks Carol! She would live outside if we let her! Looks like a rainy start to the week but it should clear up by midweek and temps look good-hopefully you can enjoy the outdoors some! Thanks!