Tuesday, April 22, 2014

iPhone Dump

It's time for a good old-fashioned photo dump. My pet peeve is having over 300 photos on my iPhone and I have well exceeded that lately so it's time to purge them on to the blog.

Just a little extra Easter cheer! She's going to have to step up her egg hunting game if she wants to fill that basket.

We visited Meme over the weekend and really enjoyed getting to see her. She sent me home with a beautiful bowl that I can't wait to display. Love this sweet picture!

Just looking scrumptious in the front yard. I love those little hand dimples so much.

I have had an intern with me at work for the past three months and she finished up a few weeks ago. She was a HUGE help and I dearly miss having her around. I am the only dietitian in my hospital so I appreciated her camaraderie. Good luck Mayo!

Ok y'all I can't even handle this. Can not. Get out of that car immediately baby girl and do something babyish!

She did get out but didn't do something that was for babies. She helped Pa plant hanging flowers for their house. I think she is going to have a strong work ethic.

And maybe be an entrepreneur. She decided to plant her own things :)

Weee! Morgan and Georgia Grace swinging. Morgan was so sweet to give GGH her dollhouse that she doesn't play with anymore. Love that sweet girl!

Just a few notes from this week:
-She started saying school bus and Mickey Mouse
-She calls herself baby when we show her a picture of her. The next Jennifer Grey??
-She hates being home. Really she does. Two times she has started crying when we pull in the driveway. She wants to "go go" all the time! Sigh.
-She eats much better if she can eat food off of our plate. Something about the fact that it's ours makes it more appealing. We're going with it!
-A few nights this week we have put her to bed and she wakes back up and talks to herself for about an hour. She just jabbers away and is completely content with some alone time in her crib with her pillow and stuffed animals. I think she is going to value her solo time like her Mommy.


  1. She looks so grown up in all of these! So stinkin cute!

  2. Precious! Looking like such a little lady! My phone has 1400 pics right now! I've wayyyy exceeded the limit! Hah

  3. Thanks girls! Yes she is whether I like it or not :( Ha I use to have 1800 pics on my phone but when I got a new one I did a major purge and have tried to keep it to a minimum since then. Try is the key word!