Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Easter For Us This Year

I am a big believer in celebrating life's special occasions. Growing up there was always a big deal made over birthdays, holidays and any break from the normal mundane.

I plan to continue that in my home but I must confess I haven't gave Easter the attention I normally do this year. I have an "Easter/4th of July" bin in the attic that has not been brought down and here we are 5 days to E-day. Georgia Grace's Easter basket is also in the attic so I will try to at least pull that down before her egg hunts on Thursday and Saturday.

The truth is life is pretty crazy right now. It's a good crazy. A kind of crazy where each day brings news about something exciting for our future and each night after supper and baths and our bedtime routine my mind goes into complete planning mode.

A hint of guilt came over me this week when I saw cute Easter decor on Pinterest boards and nifty crafts and baked goods on other blogs. I want that to be Georgia Grace and me in the kitchen making flouring messes and finding our place in the #pinterestfail world ha!

I've come to realize though that Georgia Grace is one and those things don't matter to her yet. She would much rather watch "The Monster at the End of the Book" 52 times on the iPad, take an extra long bath and run through the house naked than take time away from her decorating or baking. There is a time for that when it will be appreciated but we are not there yet and I am thankful because that means we are still in the baby days.

We will take her to church next Sunday for Easter and she will be exposed to the story of Christ's resurrection from the grave. She will go to the church egg hunt and hear the organizer's say a prayer before the event and thank Jesus for being the is and was and yet to come. We will read her the Easter story from her Jesus storybook bible and although we probably won't get past the first page before she's distracted she will at least see the effort we are making to make Jesus the main thing. 

Easter 2013
So this year I am content with my Easter towel draped on my oven rack and brown eggs in a white dish on the dining room table to represent my Easter decor. We will celebrate the holiday just the same and I know in 10 years I won't be able to remember what my house looked like on this day but I will remember the events and memories we made. 

We are doing a lot of living this year and life is good. 

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