Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthdays and Bonnets

We had a pretty great weekend over here full of fun and exciting things. The weather was perfect, our schedules were manageably full and we saw first hand just how smart our sweet Georgia Grace is.

She was ready for a bottle Sunday afternoon and I said "Let's go get a blanket and then we can have it." I told her to pick out her favorite and as she is leading me to her nursery she picks one out from her armoire display just like I told her to. Sunday morning while we were getting ready for church I said, "We need to brush your hair. Where do we do that?" and she walked right into the bathroom. The fact that she has learned the meaning of words and can identify those objects makes me a proud mommy!

However, there was one moment this weekend I was not proud of. Friday started off exciting as Georgia Grace created a masterpiece on Grandmomma's hallway. This is her first (and hopefully last) crayon-on-the-wall incident. I cannot believe my child sometimes! She had never been told to not draw with crayons on the wall so they just sat her down and told her that we do not do that. It wouldn't be fair to punish her for something she didn't know was not acceptable. I hope that does the trick and we do not have a repeat offender!

They were able to get it out with baking soda and a scrubber thank goodness. Those walls are not strangers to crayon marks, I think her Daddy may have made a mark or two...

Saturday we went to a birthday party for our AKK twin friends Kypton and Erica. They had a Super Heroes/Frozen birthday party. It was a big party with mostly 3-5 year olds and Georgia Grace thought she was as big as the rest of them.

The sweet birthday boy and girl! Before Kypton left AKK on Friday he said, "Be sure to bring baby Georgia to my party". Does it get any sweeter than that?!? I'm so glad she gets to grow up with these two sweet kiddos.

They did an Easter Egg hunt at the party and my dear friend and hair conoisseur Cindy snapped this picture of us. Georgia Grace found a tootsie roll during the hunt and stuck the whole thing in her mouth! Some of it came out later (on her pretty clean outfit) but you could tell she enjoyed it while it lasted. She gave it her signature #1 sign :) Such a fun party for everyone! Spring birthdays are the best!

After the party we were playing out in our front yard when Ma and Pa drove by and invited us to go with them to Garcia's. We never pass on a trip for Mexican! GGH tore the chorizo dip up as evidenced by her mouth and top :) I think it's her new favorite food. She loves salty and spicy things. Another trait like her Daddy.

Sunday it was just Georgia Grace and me while Daddy was hunting so we got up early and got dressed for church in time to take a few pictures in our Easter bonnet. I wanted to get a few more wears out of it so we jumped the gun and pulled it out a Sunday early.

Be still my heart. I know I am biased but she defines perfect in my book. And I'm hearing more and more comments all the time that she is looking more like her Daddy. I think he's pretty perfect too :)

We were so honored that she was chosen as a Beaufort Bonnet baby! They used a couple of the pictures I took Sunday for an Instagram advertisement celebrating the Masters weekend. I put her in the green smocked golf dress Gammy and Gran Stan bought her before she was even born. It was the perfect Sunday to wear it!

My cousin Kimberlea snapped this of her at church Sunday and I absolutely love it. Candid snapshots of my girl are my favorite. She was the biggest ham ever during the service.

Happy Monday friends!

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