Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Big Blue Birthday

My birthday has always been a little tricky. Some years it falls on Easter, most years it is during Spring Break, some years it is a bright, sunshiney spring day and some years it defines April showers bring May flowers. (But it ALWAYS falls the week before tax day-sorry Dad!)

This year it just so happened to fall on the day of the national championship game. When I noticed the coincidence when the bracket was released I never dreamed Kentucky would still be in the tournament and we would have a double celebration on the 7th of April.

But we did and it was so much fun! Friends and family gathered at our friends James & Ashley's to watch the game and dually celebrate my day. My mamaw even came to watch the game at "Rowdyville" for the occasion :) There were balloons, UK dinnerware and a strawberry cake of course.

They sure know how to make a girl feel loved! The double Happy Birthday serenade was the icing on the cake. Speaking of icing please take note of the little finger sneaking into the blue icing...

The game sure didn't go as we wanted it to but I'm still proud of them. They exceeded expectations and made these last few weeks super fun. My brother was able to experience Jerry World for the first time to watch them play in the championship game and we spent lots of nights being with friends that our busy schedules doesn't allow us to do near often enough.

I would be lying if I said losing wasn't disappointing but when I found this Kentucky state necklace that Allison posted on her blog it seemed to soften the blow. I had some birthday money to spend and for only $16 I'm confident it will lift my spirits without buyers remorse. I'm still Kentucky proud!

Thanks to all of you for all the birthday love sent my way yesterday. Social media sure makes birthdays extra special!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Kaitin :) Hope your day was wonderful! Hugs and Luvs, Darcy

  2. Kaitlin... I hate this phone...lol :)