Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

I wasn't crazy about Easter being so late this year but if it means we get warm weather I am all for it! It was perfect. We spent lots of time outside and slowed down a bit. It was much needed and felt like a reward for surviving our cruel winter.

We kicked off Easter weekend by getting to pet a real bunny! Our neighbors just so happened to have new bunnies and were outside with them. They were precious!! Georgia Grace got a big kick out of them. There was a lot of squealing and petting going on.

Saturday was our Easter egg hunt at church. She found 8 and was very proud of herself. She was the last one in the field. She was very thorough with her hunting :)

The Easter Bunny came and left GGH a basket of goodies beside her crib. She spotted it first thing and opened it up immediately. We kept it small and simple. She loved it just the same!

Easter 2014
These two complete me.

Easter 2013-I love to compare year to year.

My southern belle in her Easter frock. This is one of my favorite days to be a girl mom. Bonnets and smocking and T-straped leather shoes are the key to my mommy heart. 

We went to Mamaw Carolyn's for an Easter lunch and a mini egg hunt just for our Georgia Grace. She loved climbing the steps and I had to snap a picture of her bunny bloomers.

I'm not even sure what she was doing in this picture but that expression is priceless! She is such a live wire.

Easter (& turkey hunting) are hard on my man

What a difference a year makes! Days like today make me wish I could freeze time.

Hope you and yours had a great Easter weekend!


  1. She is such a big girl. Such a BEAUTIFUL big girl, though!! already missing you all and can't wait for next weekend!!

  2. Thanks sister!! We are living for the weekends :)