Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Moments

How do the weeks go by so slow and the weekends so fast? We had another beautiful weekend in April, I hope this Spring is an indication of what kind of Summer we are going to have.

Saturday we attended the wedding of our family friend Justin. I helped his parents host their wedding shower last month and the sweet Young family mean so much to me. Their wedding was at Olde Stone and it was absolutely gorgeous. The wedding was outside and they couldn't have picked a better day for it.

I stole this picture from a Facebook friend-congratulations Justin & Randa! She was a beautiful bride and his sweet vows started the waterworks for me. I ALWAYS cry at weddings :)

The reception interrupted naptime so we improvised. She was just playing and talking to the people at the table and all of a sudden fell over asleep! Gammy's lap is one of her favorites for napping.

She was all dolled up for the wedding but had started to unravel when I got a picture of her ha! She is loving the barefeet life all of a sudden. She was such a good girl at the wedding and reception, I was so proud of her. She makes it easy to go places and attend events.

Saturday and Sunday morning I was treated to breakfast in bed! I love how my husband loves me. Owen was interested in what was on Mommy's tray. He eventually hopped up to check it out a little closer. I'm thankful for easy weekends we can spend doing the little things.

Which included this moment. She usually naps in her crib but I decided to just hold her Sunday afternoon while she napped. Those finger dimples, sweaty curls and Sunday naps on Mommy are my favorite things. Her head on my chest and fingers on my heart-there is nothing better. Babies don't keep.

Today is a big day as Roman Henry Ross will make his grand debut!! I can't wait to get to the hospital today, please say a prayer for a safe delivery and healthy baby! Happy early birthday sweet boy!

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