Monday, April 7, 2014


I am always proud to say I am a Kentuckian but this week I especially am. My birthday is not until Monday but we celebrated this weekend with a trip to Keeneland for opening weekend. This was my first horse race experience so it made for a special birthday memory. Before the races we tailgated with friends outside of the track and watched the first race from where we are standing which was really cool.

Keeneland is so picturesque. You can see rolling, green hills for miles and everyone is dressed fancy. This was the view from our seats when we headed into the grandstands. Hubby did a great job picking these! The men were up and down wagering all afternoon and the girls stayed bundled up in a blanket enjoying the sights :) It was sunny but chilly.

I did have to dabble in the betting just to say I did. When in Rome, right? Here I am placing my first ever bet. Marcus thought that called for a photo op. My horse finished show but I made a win bet so I didn't win any money. It was exciting though, I won't miss that $2.

Ideally I would have had on a Lilly dress and wedges but early April doesn't always bring spring temperatures so it was coats and boots instead. Just another reason to go to Derby also!!
We went with our good friends Mary Beth and John and Paige and Eric. I love spending time with these two couples! Hopefully the Bennetts will be moving a little closer to us in the future so we can see them more. We are kindred spirits! And Paige and Eric always make events fun. I'm still laughing about the food they packed-lunchables and string cheese :) Just babies I tell ya.

While we were in Lexington, Georgia Grace spent the day with Grandma. Baths are her new favorite past time so they decided to make it an extra fun bath. I think this is her saying the Cats are #1 and going to win the championship! :)

Speaking of the Cats, we kept with tradition and went to James and Ashley's to watch the final four game (and I wore the final four shirt that was wrapped hanging on my door from them when we got home-they know me so well!!). Just like every other game of the tournament we were on pins and needles until the bitter end. When Aaron Harrison hit the 3 to put us up by 1 I think you could have heard us from Arlington! Unbelievable. We sat on the 2nd floor balcony to watch so Georgia Grace could play in the upstairs TV room so this was our view of the game. So much fun!

Horses, sunshine and Kentucky basketball made for a perfect birthday weekend. If they can bring home the title tonight that will make this birthday over the top!


  1. We always went to Keeneland when Georgia played Kentucky in football. It was my favorite part of Lexington. I hope I get to go back some day! Good luck to the Cats tonight! The SEC is cheering them on! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    1. I remember you saying you had been to Lex when UGA came to town for football, so glad you experienced one of the best parts! It is rich with tradition. Awesome, SEC always! Thanks so much :)