Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Finale

We've had a good week around here. It felt like a short week so that's always nice. Our little princess has decided her new bedtime is 10:30 so I am a little low on sleep but high on my Georgia Grace! I know I will relish that extra hour with her someday so I'm trying not to complain about it.

Yesterday on my day at home I taught nutrition to the AKK Preschool class. Georgia Grace will be in this class in the fall and as sad as I am to think she's old enough to be in preschool I'm excited about all the things she will be learning and friendships she will form.

I taught MyPlate to the group and it was so much fun! We went over each food group and they colored the portion of MyPlate once we had discussed it. And then they got to try guacamole and it was a crowd favorite! I plan on doing this for them once a month. I am so passionate about nutrition and the younger it is valued the better.

Here's my little MyPlate munchkins! They were proud of themselves and I received a report that they were able to identify every food's food group on their lunch plate except one! I was a proud teacher.

After our MyPlate lesson Georgia Grace and I went to town to run some errands. I had to snap a picture of her #OOTD :) And because I get this question so much---her bows are the 5" grosgrain ribbon with an alligator clip. I just so happened to find them at a flea market for $3 each so I bought one in every color! A solid investment in my opinion. It doesn't get any more southern than big bows!

And just a little hint of what has been taking up my free time lately...
I will share more when I can but it's a super exciting time at the Harrison Homeplace! Stay tuned :)

Cheers to the weekend! See y'all Monday!

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