Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Pictures

So if anyone is wondering who Georgia Grace looks like-here ya go! This is my mom. Oh my goodness! Some people that I have showed think it is a picture of Georgia.

Here I am as a baby. I can see a resemblance. She definitely has my wild hair!

And here is Marcus. I will say I think she looks like him more now that she's a little older. I think it's the nose and sometimes when she raises her eyebrows I see him.

I had to post this! My cousin that is in high school is taking a parenting class where one of their projects is to take care of a baby for 3 days. Bless Payton's heart-her baby woke her up SEVENTEEN times Sunday night. She told me she wanted to trade babies with me ha!

Marcus is home the rest of the week due to all the sickness in his school system. I'm excited about all of us being home together Thursday! Even though we can't leave the house for fear of catching the influenza it will be nice just being at home together. 

Today Georgia got to spend the day with gammy and gran stan so Marcus could work on his Masters class. It sounds like they had a fun day! She played so hard she wore herself out. 

It's currently sleeting and we are in a winter weather advisory until 4am. I could have an interesting commute to work in the morning. And it's definitely not fun heading to work when you know your two loves are home :(. I can't wait for Thursday!

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