Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice Ice Baby!

Ice blanketed our area this morning so we are home safe and sound. I didn't risk driving to work this morning and that turned out to be a wise move. When I got up at 5:30 the parkway I travel was closed for multiple wrecks! I'm thankful for a job and boss that allows me to stay home when conditions are unsafe. Our meteorologist friend Landon Hampton took this picture this morning. This is the main road in the middle of our town-scary slick!

The ice did not hit until this morning so yesterday we traveled to Frankfort to watch our high school alma mater compete in the Class A state tournament! We lost by 1 point. I think that's almost worse that getting beat by 30 but the team played a great game and made our town proud! 

Our little bear showing her support in her custom onesie made by Aunt Rachel! The beauty of this onesie is it works for the Butler County Bears or UK! And can we just take a second to talk about how cute she is?! Oh my goodness! I know she's mine but come on! :)

So after a week of transitioning, we are going to try to move Georgia Grace to her crib tonight. We have prepared ourselves by moving her bassinet farther away from our room each night. This was an idea from my mom and I think it will help. We've also been letting her nap in her crib to get use to the mattress. That has gone really well! I probably won't sleep a wink but that's ok. We know it's the right time, she's just getting too big for her bassinet. When she moves her arms she hits the sides ha! And she's just a few inches from being too long. I'm praying for an easy transition for all of us. I will post an update on our progress!

And this is random as all get out, but I think this is the neatest picture of Willie's family from Duck Dynasty! I'm going to put it in my memory folder for the future. I love how it shows their personalities.

Now it's back to enjoying our "ice" day with our little princess! Stay safe, folks!

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