Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be Still

One of the benefits to having a morning/afternoon commute to work is it gives me time to think, pray, and reflect. Today as I was driving home I got to thinking about Georgia's birth day and it brought me to tears. God made the perfect arrangement of cells to form our daughter. It was all in His hands. He is the creator of all things and provider of all good things. What an honor that He has entrusted me to be her mother! His grace just overwhelmed me in that moment.

It's nice to be still sometimes. That's something I do not do near enough. I'm constantly going and thinking about the next thing that needs to be done. When I'm home and Georgia is napping or Marcus has her, I am rushing like a mad woman to get things done because it would be awful to leave dishes in the sink or for some dog hair to collect on the rug ha! The first step to change is admittance, right? :) I am making progress.

On a side note, our heat went out last night. And it just so happened to be the coldest night in Kentucky in 12443294 years! It was seriously 8 degrees when I left for work this morning at 6:30. Hubby is going to get a new thermostat today, we are optimistic that will solve the problem. We survived last night on electric heaters in every room. I was worried that it would get too cold for baby girl but I actually think it was warmer in our house than usual ha! I woke up toasty so I am sure she was fine. If it's not fixed this afternoon, we are hitting the road and shacking with family!

My little butterball! 

Tonight is Bible Study and the UK game! Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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