Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Sad Mommy

Just as I expected, my 10 week maternity leave has come and gone a lot faster than I'd hoped it would. I head back to work tomorrow and Georgia Grace heads to grandmommas. She will be with grandmomma three days a week and mamaw Carolyn will keep her one day and I will be off one day. I can't tell you how excited I am to be going to a 4 day work week!

I know tomorrow will be very difficult but I just have to remind myself that she is in the best of hands and God has provided me with this situation so I can continue with my career. I'm thankful for my wonderful job and workplace that has allowed me a day at home with my baby. I'm thankful for our grandparent's health so that they are still able to take care of her. I'm thankful for a loving husband that supports me returning to work to help provide for our family. And I'm thankful for my God that makes all of this possible.

If you think of it tomorrow, please say a prayer for me as I can already tell I will be an emotional mess.
Also happy 49th birthday to my wonderful dad! We love you!

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