Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ballgame and Brennan the Baptist

Last Friday we took Georgia Grace to her first basketball game! She absolutely loved it. She wanted to sit straight up and she would follow the game up and down the court. She was so busy observing she would barely eat or nap (which is her normal routine at that time). Bless her heart she has lived a pretty boring life so far ha!

It was an exciting game and the Bears won! I'm glad our first ballgame experience was a good one. I see many more ballgames in the future for this little girl :)

Sunday was Baptist Men's Sunday at church and our cousin Brennan gave his testimony to the congregation. It was SO good and brought everyone to tears. We are so proud of him! 

We tried to get a picture of Brennan and Georgia but that just didn't happen. So we snapped a few of her at home, I couldn't miss an opportunity since she was all dolled up. 

I am thankful for a fun weekend of sports and fellowship.

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