Sunday, January 20, 2013

This and That

We got Georgia Grace's coming home dress framed this week! I love it. We are going to hang it in our hallway. And if I need to take it out to use again someday that would be great too :)

Today we went to Ellie Kate's 1st birthday party! Isn't she such a doll? I work with Ellie's grandma and her mom is a sweet friend of mine. Georgia has only been around boy babies so far so it was nice to have some girlfriends :) That is Ellie's grandma holding Georgia-yes, grandma! She looks fabulous!

My baby girl will be 12 weeks old Tuesday. HOW? She looks so big in this picture. I had a talk with her the other day on how she needed to stay little and let mommy carry her like a baby forever. She laughed when I told her this, I think she has different plans ha! I'm trying to savor these baby days as much as I can. It will be her 1st birthday party before we know it.

And a big congrats to my high school alma mater for winning the class A region and advancing to the state tournament! We're so proud-once a Bear, always a Bear! Go Big Blue!

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