Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back To Work

We both survived my first day back to work! I couldn't wait to get my hands on my sweet girl!

Thank you all for the prayers and kind words on my behalf. The tears went away as the day progressed and by the afternoon I was so excited to get home and see my baby! Grandmomma sent me several pictures and text updates throughout the day that really helped. And Georgia Grace did wonderful! She never fussed except when it was time to eat. I was so relieved to hear she handled the transition so well.

She also had another great day with mamaw Carolyn today. We are so lucky to have family taking care of her. I know every mom is not that fortunate. I am blessed.

When I start to feel the mommy guilt, I remind myself I am doing this for her future. I want to be able to provide her with everything that she needs just like our parents did for us. Plus I am privileged to be able to be home with her one day a week so I feel like a part-time SAHM ha!

It will be TGIT for me :)

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