Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things We Love

I wanted to do a post on the things Georgia Grace enjoys at this age so I will know for the future. Something tells me my memory will not be sufficient to remember this. I have a horrible memory! Thank goodness for my blog.

I discovered wubbanubs from another mommy friend and I'm so glad I did. The animal attached to the paci helps comfort her and gives her something to hold onto. And the weight of the animal helps keep the paci in while she's sleeping. They are adorable too! Georgia Grace just has the 'cutsy caterpillar' but we will probably get a few more since she likes it so much.

We kind of have a love/hate relationship with the Moby wrap. If she's in the mood, it's the greatest thing ever. If she's not in the mood, we are stripping it off as fast as we put it on! One night she stayed in it for over an hour. I was able to do a load of laundry and cook supper with her right there with me. I'm glad my dad and Dianne got this for us for those days she's feeling the Moby.

I think the new gloworm is so much cuter than the one I had as a child. We use it at night before bedtime to help wind her down. She will just stare and coo at it for as long as we show it to her. This was a gift from grandma Harrison. She's an expert on kids toys!

She feels like such a big girl in this! Sometimes she just likes being put down and to be able to sit up and see everything. She started using her bumbo at 10 weeks and we continue to use it daily. Grandmomma got it for her, I love the color.

She also loves her swing, I think that's common for all babies. I took this picture and the bumbo one today. I just love that cable knit romper. As you can see she's already getting too long for it. She's growing like a weed! We had such a fun day all three of us being home together. I only left the house once to get groceries for supper. We have played and cooed and laughed. Today was such a blessing. I love my little family!

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