Friday, February 7, 2014

A List For Friday

I've got lots of random things I want to blog about so I feel like a good list is suited for today's post. We've had an unconventional week with Marcus having five snow days and my normal work hours being skewed to be safe in the snow. Unconventional and altered schedules calls for an end of the week list to organize my thoughts.

1. Hard Drive-this is something I've been needing to do for a long time. We've been flirting with disaster having no backup for our files/pictures besides our work computers, social media, and blogger. I bought this hard drive after seeking expert advice from our IT Director at my hospital. I was clueless as to what I needed so I'm thankful she told me exactly what to get and all I had to do was click "Add To Cart". I guess this is what my weekend will look like...

2. Molars. We noticed on Tuesday that Georgia Grace's lower first molars (both sides) were in. I thought that it was odd that these came before her canines but it appears normal teeth development is first molars before canines. And I thought she was young but she's right on schedule! These are teeth #9 and #10. She has handled teething like a champ from day one. She has never drooled, ran a fever, acted cranky. Teething has been a breeze with this child.   

3. Frozen. I told Marcus that if we had known this winter was going to be so cold we would have saved our trip to Jackson Hole (I'm sure my dad is glad we didn't) for a milder winter and headed some place tropical! I've got beach fever. I'm trying not to complain because I really do love snow. Maybe this next round that comes through this weekend will be the last of it.

4. Sesame Street Live. We are taking Georgia Grace to her first live show in May to see Sesame Street Live. I'm really excited about it! I realize she is not in the Sesame Street generation but she has watched it some and loves Big Bird so I hope it's a big hit. We are going with my good mommy friend Abby and Georgia's boyfriend Ace. Their first official date-with their mommies :) Maybe they will let us tag along when they are 16 too!

5. Big Girl. This week Georgia Grace has spent more time with her AKK friends while being home with daddy. They go up there during the day and she plays and does activities with them. She even got to eat lunch at the table and paint a picture with her new buddy Eliza. She definitely feels like she's a part of the preschool group now. And I feel like she is gettng too big too quick! Sigh.

6. Pediasure. We had our 15 month check-up last week and our pediatrician recommended starting GGH on Pediasure to promote weight gain. Being a dietitian I thought we were probably headed in this direction since her growth curve has not stayed on the upward trend. She was a rather big baby and remained near the 50th percentile until she became mobile. Dr. Lee said she's never going to be a "75th/75th" child because she's just petite but he would like to see her a little bigger so supplementing it is. I'm really good with this decision and so far she has accepted it well. I'm thankful that our baby is healthy and that this is something we can remedy. She will be thankful for her great metabolism someday :) 

5. Snowy Thursdays At Home. Yesterday we dug out of the snow (it's not that deep but when neither vehicle is a 4WD it doesn't take much) for some mexican food. It's going to take more than snowmageddon to keep us from Garcia's ha! It hit the spot.

Speaking of digging out of the snow, this is what I tweeted Wednesday afternoon after three days of white knuckle driving in rough road conditions. I had a wreck three years ago this month due to snow so I am a little gun shy. The husband said, "Let's get a new SUV!". I said, "Let's get some beach front property!". Guess we will stick it out since we can't agree LOL!
I got to enjoy my own snow day with my snow baby in our winter wonderland. Before her tubes we literally ran to put her in the vehicle and ran to take her inside because we were so scared she would get another ear infection. Now I feel more secure about letting her enjoy the outdoors. We still bundle up and make quick trips but I'm so happy we can do these things now! I think she is happy about it too.

More snow is in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow and next week. We're having ourselves a good old-fashioned winter. TGIF!


  1. She is just too precious for words! I always love her sweet outfits. You talking about that hard drive made me realize how bad I need one... chaching $$$

    1. Thanks so much Lauren! I know girl, it's an investment but will save heartache if the unthinkable were to happen!