Thursday, February 20, 2014

#TBT Disney World 2012

Welcome to my first blog edition of "Throwback Thursday".

Social media has been all abuzz with #TBT pictures for some time now and I have felt inspired to do a blog version. I started blogging in August 2012 when I blogged about our summer vacation to HHi. There are so many big life events (wedding, Hawaiian honeymoon, NYC, Bahamas, NOLA) that occurred longer than 1 1/2 years ago that I want to document and quite honestly relive again in memory form. I think there's no surprise that my desire to look at beachy pictures with bronzed skin and sand between my toes comes at the end of the winter season as I'm longing for spring. No surprise at all.

My first #TBT blog post is dedicated to our most recent trip to Disney World. We went in January of 2012 as a Christmas gift from my mom and stepdad. My stepdad was running in the Walt Disney World Marathon and lucky us got to tag along for the ride. 

Let me just say it right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney. I was a total Disney girl growing up. We have probably every Disney classic in VHS and I still remember the day that our mall got a Disney Store like I remember 9/11/01. I've been to Disney World several times (including for my 16th birthday) and it never ever disappoints. I have to admit that one of the perks of motherhood in my opinion is having a reason to go back to WDW :)

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort which was a great choice since our trip was short and we didn't have any other opportunity to go to a beach. 

The resort had amazing pools and a water park to go along with the beach.

They also had their own food court and little grocery store. It was nice not having to leave the resort for our meals when we weren't at the park. 

It was January and I could wear my swimsuit and a cover up. That is doing life right! :)

My beach bum husband

The first night we were still groggy from our air travels and decided to keep it low key and check out Downtown Disney.

We went the first week of January so everything was still decorated for Christmas! I've always wanted to see Disney at Christmastime but didn't want to sacrifice being away from all my family so this made me really happy.

We rode the Downtown Disney ferryboat which was a lot of fun. It was a little chilly at night so we were glad we packed our sweaters.

I can't even remember where we ate or if it was good but here's a picture from the restaurant :)

My brother Cody, Marcus, me, and my sister Paige headed to Magic Kingdom!

As I mentioned the Christmas decorations were still up in all the parks. The Christmas tree is HUGE and beautiful.

The kiddos with my momma. You're never too old for Disney.

This picture is a great example of how manageable the crowds were. If you try to take a castle picture in the summer months it's going to include about a million people's heads. I've heard that the 3rd week in January is the slowest week of the year. January is the month to go!

My absolute favorite! I love Peter Pan so much.

It's A Small World
Of course another crowd favorite. The lines were short so we got to ride every ride that we wanted to.

My second favorite thing in WDW is the Carousel of Progress. I know you probably think that's dull and homely of me to say but it is.  It is Americana at it's finest.

Marcus tried to spin us until we puked but we didn't so it was all good

This was about the average wait time for rides. Such a beautiful thing!

The castle from the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I'm a sucker for a ride action shot :)

No caption needed. This just makes me all kinds of happy

Walt and Cinderella's Castle

And another castle picture because why not.

It's not a trip to Disney until you wear a pair of Minnie ears and pose for a picture.

We got our moneys worth at Magic Kingdom and stayed to watch the Disney Electrical Parade. Wow wow wow! It gives more amazing every year.

We ended our night with a ride on Dumbo. There weren't any lines at this point and we just walked right on. I definitely think we will be going in the off seasons when we go again. So much more enjoyable!

Our trip was just a long weekend so it was short but sweet. I absolutely love taking a winter vacation. It revives my soul and helps me get through the winter months until spring arrives.

And the man (and our cousin Dean on the left) that made it happen wearing their race medals! This was definitely one of my all-time favorite Christmas gifts.

This trip down memory lane really gets me excited for taking Georgia Grace. I can't wait for her to meet the characters, go to the Bippity Boppity Boutique and ride Peter Pan's Flight with me. The happiest place on earth truly lives up to its tagline.

That's a wrap for the first edition. I probably won't do a #TBT every week but I've got a pretty good list of things I want to put in blog form so we shall see. Thanks for following along!

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