Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shrimp Boil, Ski Slopes & Super Bowl

As you can tell from the title, we did this weekend right. It was nice to have a small reprieve from the crazy January weather. We were also ready to cure our cabin fever!

Friday night we went to a Shrimp Boil for my SIL's birthday. They had our family and Jake's family over and we had some delicious seafood and birthday cake. I can't tell you the last time I had seafood so it was a great change in diet. 

Shanna found some toboggans for $1 from Old Navy that were sized 18-24 month! And they fit! I have a large noggin so I am living proof these are mis-sized :) GGH actually has the exact same one in cream/red but it was at home so a bow had to do. She gave them a thumbs up!

Saturday we took a trip to Perfect North for some skiing as our birthday present for Shanna. And how cool that it fell our her actual birthday-extra happy day! Also I think we've got the ski bug. We can't get enough!

We loved Perfect North. It was very beginner friendly and skier friendly in general. Marcus and I couldn't believe how much we had improved since skiing in Jackson Hole. We went from the bunny slopes to blue courses. 

Oh the lovely ski lift. I never fell on the slopes but fell probably 5 times getting off the lifts ha! And yes they had to stop the lift because of me one time. I'm not too proud to admit that. But I never hurt anyone or myself so life's good!

This was Shanna and Jake's first time skiing and they did amazing! We couldn't believe how well they did. Jake even went down a black diamond course! He's a crazy adrenaline junkie.

It stayed at 50 degrees most of the day so we actually weren't cold at all. I took off my down jacket and Marcus tossed the toboggan. We enjoyed this weather so much more than freezing to death.

We had such a fun day. We skied for 7 hours and it felt like we weren't there but just a few. I would recommend PNS to anyone that's never skiied before or amateurs like us. Plenty of challenges but plenty of beginners courses too. 

Georgia Grace stayed with her Grandma and Grandmomma while we were gone and I believe she had a blast herself. She learned to give high fives, play hide and seek, and spit in a trashcan HA! 

Tonight we went to a Super Bowl Party at my bestie Ashley and James's house. Despite the fact it was a boring game and it was sleeting outside, we had a lot of fun eating great food and being with even greater company. We were rooting for Denver because of Tamme, Trevathan, and Woodyard (former UK players) but we won't lose sleep with the outcome either. I will admit I would have never guessed it would be so one sided!

"Aunt Ash" and GGH
Both girls dressed to impress in their football attire

Sweet girl loves being where a crowd is gathered. She kept everyone busy and entertained. She's the life of the party :)

Party animal down.
She crashed on the way home and we put her straight to bed, football leggings and all. 

We made it home safely but it had already started sleeting and our driveway was slick as snot. It has turned to snow now and my meteorologist friend Landon reported a possible accumulation of 1-2" of snow per hour overnight! School is already canceled and there's a good chance it will be a snow day for this gal too.

Stay safe and warm friends!

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