Monday, February 17, 2014


I think Valentine's Day should be on Friday every year. What a great lead in to the weekend! And it also doesn't throw off the week routine. It sure helped us to start Saturday and Sunday on the right foot.

I have mentioned how bath time hasn't always been our favorite thing but the tides have turned and we have a little fish on our hands. She was having such a good time Thursday night that we let her stay in the tub for about 20 minutes and she was a prune when we got her out. A happy prune I should add :)

February 14th was a big deal for GGH this year because she got to spend the holiday with her AKK friends. They are all so sweet to always include her and her buddy Konnor even got her a special Valentine. They said he couldn't wait for her to get dressed to give it to her and he said, "It's ok because she has hearts on" HA! Love that sweet boy.

Georgia Grace with all her AKK preschool friends. She isn't enrolled in the preschool program yet but since Gram keeps her in the same house as the preschool it's just natural that she wants to be around them. She loves the "kids"!

You might recognize her Valentine's outfit this year. It's one of her Christmas dresses from 2012 and 2013. I am not ashamed but proud to say we used one dress for three holidays! And It's very possible you may see this again this December as well. That's why I love dresses that can be worn as tops!

Friday night Marcus and I went to eat out at Rafferty's while my mom kept baby girl. Here she is laying on their bed eating fish! She rules the roost if you had any doubts.

My mother-in-law had us over for steaks Saturday night so it was another weekend of hanging up the apron. I'm going to forget how to cook but no complaints here. Sister sledge acting like a silly goose!

And probably the highlight of the weekend-our first ponytail!! At first she wasn't sure about mommy pulling on her hair but once it was up she wore it proudly. It is off the charts adorable! It gives her a whole new look. And yes she does look older :((

Happy Monday!


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    1. When I think about it we probably could have had one sooner because it's so long ha!! It's the sweetest.