Thursday, February 13, 2014


The week of love is here and I thought I would share some of the examples of love we have experienced this week. 

Saturday night my sister and brother-in-law cooked supper for us at their house. We haven't seen them hardly since Christmas so it was really good to visit and see the new updates they had made. We brought Owen and Paige's best friend Sophie came by so a group picture was warranted. We love her and them!

My SIL and BIL also had us over Sunday night for homemade wings that were sooo good! I hung up the apron this weekend :) 

If you missed my last post, I'll sum it up for you-we love love love our Beaufort Bonnet!

The waterlogue app has been crazy popular the last few weeks and it's easy to tell why. We love this picture that my brother's girlfriend Sarah transformed for us from Georgia Grace's first beach vacation. I think I want to put it on a canvas and find a wall for it to live on. So thoughtful of her to do this for us!

Georgia Grace will be going to the AKK Preschool Valentine's Party so I seized the opportunity to make her very first Valentine! I made them here and printed them out on cardstock. I know some years in the future we will probably just buy the boxed cards and call it a day but I loved that I was able to design them this year and make them extra special.

After 10 straight days of no school my husband went back to work on Tuesday and had a classroom full of students excited to see him. And guess what he let them do? Go outside and have a snowball fight! They loved that and couldn't believe he let them do it. I can't remember ever going to school with this much snow on the ground so this picture is pretty historic. He sure does love his "other kids".

Last night we attended the Valentine's Banquet at our church and my lady in red had a ball. The youth in our church always help prepare and serve the meal as a labor of love to their church family. GGH has great role models to look up to. 

This little ham was waving and saying "Hi" to her big girl friends across the church. She is super friendly these days and demands attention.

And I couldn't post about love without a picture of these two that have my whole heart. Also, the love this girl has for her daddy is immeasurable. She is a total daddy's girl. She thinks he's the greatest person on the planet and of course the feeling is returned to her :)

Our Valentine's gift to each other this year is something I'm really excited about (nope not a pregnancy announcement :)) and I'll be sharing about it on Friday!

I hope you are experiencing all varieties of love this week too!


  1. hey cutest family ever! thanks for posting that GREAT pic of us ;) we love you all so much!!!

    1. You know picture documentation is going to happen when you invite us over :) I love it though! Love y'all and miss you!