Tuesday, February 11, 2014

B is for Beaufort Bonnet

If you know me, you know that I love bows. Big bows. The bigger the better (and closer to heaven).

It is rare that I ever stray from the traditional bow that Georgia Grace has worn since leaving the womb. We've tried the headbands, headbows, and floral clips but I've realized that's just not my style (and she does not like wearing them). I have always gone back to the classic grosgrain bow.

I was pretty set on just putting her in bows. And then I heard about The Beaufort Bonnet Company. My sweet friend Trish was the first to introduce me to the Lexington based business that sold the most adorable, classic baby accessories I've ever seen. I was swooning over it all.

 I will admit that I was a little skeptical about how I would like a bonnet on my GGH. She has a head full of beautiful dark hair and I really didn't like the idea of covering it up. Plus I wasn't sure if she would even wear it or if it would be as cute as our bows and the occasional floppy sun hat.

But I put my skepticism aside and we bought Georgia Grace her first beaufort bonnet for Christmas. They ran a great sale on Cyber Monday and I couldn't resist any longer. The bonnet came in a beautiful gift bag and a hand-written note of appreciation was included. Their customer service and personal touch is unbeatable. I was already leaving my doubt at the door.

So this weekend with the blanket of snow on the ground and Valentine's Day on Friday I decided to try out our Beaufort Bonnet for the first time.

Y'all. Oh my sweetness I love it so much!!! It's absolute baby perfection. And I just so happen to think she is the cutest little model for the Beaufort Bonnet also :)

She loved wearing it. She never once tried to take it off. I think she liked all the attention from it :) We received compliment after compliment.

Melting my mommy heart. I let her play in the snow since we were just outside a minute and she thought it was grand.
I love how it gives her more of a baby look than a big girl. I'm holding onto every aspect of her being a  mini as long as I can.

We paired it with a monogrammed A-line jumper that I received as a shower gift from our family friend Tina (she no longer personalizes baby things). They made the perfect pair!

The sweetest crinkled nose I ever did see. The bonnet was a perfect compliment to it.

A profile view. Dying from the cuteness.

A silver spoon in mouth and her bonnet. Oh my oh my.

If the pictures weren't proof enough, it should be obvious that we are in love with our TBBC Beaufort Bonnet. The bonnet and company represent all things that I love-classic style, small business, Kentucky and a personal touch. There's no doubt we will using TBBC for future attire needs.

And if you decide your little one needs to be a TBBC baby, tell them Georgia Grace sent you :)


  1. OMG the cuteness is too much to handle! Miss Nora will have to have one of those!

    1. Thanks Ashley and Nora definitely needs a Beaufort Bonnet! I think it's the perfect baby girl accessory.

  2. Could she been any cuter?! I mean come on!!!! Miss GGH you have style girl :) That bonnet is stinkin ridiculously cute :) I am with you on the big bows and flowers. My days have been numbered for a while with Emmy wanting anything on her head :) I might have to try a cute new bonnet to replace my obsession :) Hugs, D

    1. Oh Darcy you are the sweetest!! Thanks so much! I was nervous that Georgia Grace would reject it but to my surprise she wore it proudly :) Emmy needs to be a Beaufort Bonnet girl! :)

  3. So cute! I am curious to where you buy all her big bows? I have two new nieces and would love to get some BIG bows for them! :)

    1. Hi Jeannene! I got super lucky with my bows, I found almost all of her bows at a local flea market for $3 each! But another great place that has them cheap is Polka Dot Posies, they have a fb page. Hope this helps!