Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Days

Another week of snow days for us. This is quickly becoming the norm around here. We got more snow this time than before so at least we have a pretty white blanket to go with the cold weather and sketchy road conditions.

I almost stayed home from work Monday but decided to go in a little later and not work a full day. My sweet husband got his vehicle all de-snowed for me to drive. Notice my car is under the carport. We should have switched the positions of the vehicles Sunday night but it slipped our minds. But it offered an opportunity for Marcus to do a labor of love :)

This is a sampling of the road conditions I traveled. And this was at 9:30am so I can only imagine what they were like at my normal commute time. I'm thankful for a safe trip to and from work. I know others weren't as fortunate.

This morning Marcus took Georgia Grace out in the snow before the ice/sleet storm hits. It sounds like they had a big (short) time from the report I received.

Snowball fight with daddy!
 The rest of the week looks rough. Ice, sleet and more snow. Snowmageddon is upon us!

I'm embracing our winter of all winters and downloaded the Sochi Winter Olympics app today. At least we will have good television if we are snowed in the rest of the week. Go Team USA!

I went out earlier to get the essential groceries and ingredients for chicken pot pie soup. Tonight sounds like a perfect night in snuggling, eating comfort food, and watching the Cats. Gotta make the most of the weather situation!

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