Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Babymoon Part 2

Sunday night we stayed at the Beaumont Inn. This was also located in Harrodsburg. I am glad that we decided to do a staycation for our babymoon. I am to the point that traveling isn't very comfortable and bathroom breaks are very frequent ha!
We stayed in the Greystone Inn in the Gold Room. It was like a trip back in time. I honestly felt like I was playing the game Clue! So much neat architectural design and attention to detail.

The house was originally built for the niece of Eli Lilly! All of you diabetics (or dietitians) out there know exactly who I am talking about.

The lobby of the Beaumont-wow!

We loved all the references to the Derby. You definitely knew you were in horse country.

We had a great trip and enjoyed it just being the two of us. We are trying to not take this time for granted and enjoy each and every day. We both love to travel and can't wait to take Georgia everywhere with us. I hope she rides/flys well! 

When we got home Monday, I entered in official nesting mode. October is here and we best be getting everything in order for Georgia's arrival! My goal is to deep clean each room before she gets here. Washing walls and baseboards, taking down and cleaning blinds, cleaning out from under beds--all the cleaning that I typically don't do in my weekly run-throughs. I initially wanted to tackle two rooms but I quickly realized one was going to be all I could do at one time. Mom came over and was a big help! I am so thankful for her willingness to help me with all the baby preparations.

I had to share this picture. This was yesterday afternoon after we got home. You think he missed his momma?!? I hope he will share me with Georgia Grace ha! We miss him so much when we are gone and I think he feels the same way.

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