Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Pancakes, Homecoming & Mortgage-Free

(Pretend like I posted this yesterday. I left my camera at church so that delayed me!)
To celebrate such a monumental day, I got up early and made us some pumpkin pancakes! Marcus bought a mix last week while he was on fall break so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make some. They were good but not as pumpkin-y as we had hoped. I drowned mine in butter and syrup so I had no complaints :)
Not the best picture in the world (we were on the very back pew) but here is Marcus being baptized on October 7th, 2012. I am so so so proud of him! Several family and friends came to support him and we are so thankful for them. We had a full house at homecoming today! God is good!
Today is also monumental for another reason-we are now mortgage-free! [Can we talk about this picture for a second? We were just babies! I was 22 and Marcus had just turned 21. And I'm not sure why Owen's hair is slicked back like that lol! Two blessed days!] Our last mortgage payment was due today. We bought our house in August 2009 shortly after we got engaged and we have worked hard to get it paid off. It wasn't always easy but it is worth it knowing we are debt-free entering the world of parenthood! We are looking forward to a few years of no mortgage and saving before we look for something bigger. Hopefully the walls of this 900 square foot starter home don't cave in on us ha!

Tonight we are back to deep-cleaning the house. Marcus cleaned out the whole fridge this afternoon-that was a HUGE project that I am glad he took off my hands (we found some rotten, molded tomato sauce from May and other gag-worthy treats. We must clean that thing out more often!). One step closer to being ready for Georgia Grace's arrival. Overall, this day ranks up there with one of the best I can remember!

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