Saturday, August 25, 2012

Owen & Baby

To be honest, I am really feeling pregnant these days. I have 9 weeks left and I can feel my body preparing for the biggest change my body has ever endured. I had some lower back pain during the middle of the week but that has subsided this weekend--I am so thankful! And there is nothing I love more right now than a nap ha! Someone twittered today that their bed gave Disney World a run for its money and I noticed myself nodding my head. I have been taking it easier the past few days. I know my limits and there is no need in me pushing it. A spotless house is creeping lower on my priority list ha!

Several people have asked us how we think our baby dog, Owen, will be with the new baby. He is such a loving and sweet dog we really think he will do just fine!

There may be a jealous transition period in the beginning as O gets used to not being the center of attention but we know to expect that. He does think the world revolves around him at the moment :)

He has had a lot of exposure to children through AKK's and he knows when it is time to be gentle and when he can rough house. I can see him being very protective of Georgia. He may give us company when we are up at all hours of the night.

I hope he loves Georgia as much as I think he will and becomes a companion for her to have throughout her childhood. I can't wait for the day we bring her home and see his reaction!

Tomorrow is my baby shower! I am very excited to visit with everyone and see all the goodies baby girl gets!

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