Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was pretty low key for us which was nice for a change. So...I took advantage of my free time and tackled my new embroidery machine! I got a sewing/embroidery machine for Christmas from my mamaw. I have a pretty good grasp on the sewing side but I have been apprehensive up until this point about the embroidery.

Here is the first project I ever made on my machine! I wanted to start easy so I chose a to do a little onesie that I found at a consignment store and put Georgia's monogram on it.

Here is the finished product! I was so proud of it ha! It turned out way better than I expected.

I decided to go ahead and put a "g" on a pillowcase dress that was made for Georgia. This dress is actually made from a pillowcase used at our wedding!

Here's the story behind that- we used pillowcases for chair covers for our wedding because our chairs were square back and they fit better than actual chair covers. So after the wedding we were left with about 250 white pillowcases! Two years ago our church started doing a ministry during VBS week with the youth girls that involved making pillowcase dresses for needy little girls in other countries. We have gladly donated pillowcases each year so this year they made some special ones for our little girl! This dress will always be special to me because of the story behind it. I was really happy with how the lowercase "g" turned out. My mamaw Embry and Esther Givens helped the girls sew the dresses and Esther made this actual dress for me. I am so thankful for these ladies and how they love my daughter already!

 We celebrated cousin Payton's birthday Sunday night with a cookout. She is seventeen! So hard to believe, I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday---it was the only time I was allowed to miss school for something other than being sick ha! Happy Birthday Payter-Poo!

We have a 4D ultrasound tomorrow! I can't wait! Praying we see a healthy, growing, active baby. I hope baby girl cooperates but if she doesn't it will just be more surprises for us when she gets here :)

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